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Company culture

Southern Power Maxim:
Enterprise mission: Committed to the development and production of ultrasonic machinery and equipment.
Corporate character: honesty and integrity.
Entrepreneurial spirit: respect, dedication and innovation.
Corporate style: strict requirements, vigorous and vigorous.
Quality concept: Quality can't make a company proud, but it can make a company lose its damage.
Corporate philosophy: thinking, branding, and competitiveness
Service tenet: customer first, fair service

"The future has come, wisdom goes with it" is the general value concept of the South Power, and is the norm of the Southern Power business activities. The southern Jinjin people take the responsibility of revitalizing the national industry as their own responsibility, and they have a sense of social responsibility and mission. The Southern Power is to serve the society to repay the society and base on the society.
"Serving the society" is the goal of the Southern Power.
Enterprises are employees, and the rise and fall of Southern Power is closely related to the vital interests of every employee.
The factory is booming, and the factory is shameful. With everyone, there is a small family. If the company is better and stronger, employees can continuously improve their material life.