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The main task of ultrasonic welding machine vibration transmission to molten metal

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The main task of vibration transmission of ultrasonic welding machine to molten metal is to improve the life of ultrasonic transmission rod. Under the condition of arc welding and electroslag welding, the solution of this problem will be complicated by the following factors: the metal height of the welding pool is overheated, the mirror area of the welding pool is too small, and there is a strong heat source in this area.In order to generate vibration in the welding pool, it is appropriate to use sliding contact between the ultrasonic transmission rod and the solid matrix metal or the metal that has just started to crystallize, but still has good plasticity.Therefore, the corresponding work has been carried out, and this possibility has been verified in practice. Ultrasonic vibration was introduced at different crystallization stages of the cast ingot, and the vibration was re-introduced after a period of time at the same time of pouring metal and after starting pouring.

Ultrasonic welding machine and casting metal through vibration, the vibration transfer rod, direct contact with molten metal would form a special tiny metal organization, when metal casting start later on vibration, then can make the effect of ultrasonic vibration function declined significantly, ranging from the average grain size increases to 0.8 ~ 1.5 mm in diameter, in this case, the prior to the ultrasonic vibration is in its passed into the solidification of metal shell to ingot casting, metal wear grain organization may also be damaged, and ingot casting metal to columnar and equiaxed grain zone, at this moment if before through vibration, metal the longer you stay in the ingot,The width of the columnar grain area naturally occupies more area, while the size of the grain is smaller.The thickness of the microstructure is obviously related to the reduction of the amplitude of the elastic vibration in the molten metal due to the contact loss of the transmission rod ingot.

So, according to the recent experiments, the ultrasonic vibration source, direct contact with the molten metal can achieve the goal of effective processing metal welding pool, the ultrasonic vibration rod and crystallization of a lot of contact between the shell loss show that using the ultrasonic vibration source and the substrate metal or just beginning crystallization seam welding part of the sliding contact, to vibrate in the weld pool, it is not reasonable, should also be in advance, the characteristics of seam welding crystallization is the grain from the substrate metal on the surface began to grow up, it will solve in the weld pool all the crystallization time, has the good conditions of ultrasonic vibration to the weld pool,In this way, it opens up another possibility to effectively introduce ultrasonic welding machine through welding parts.

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