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Assumption of bulk crystallization of metal under the action of elastic vibration of ultrasonic weld

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Ingot solidification time in the copper mold shortens the 1/2, but even in this case, the vibration under the action of ultrasonic welding, at the bottom of the crystal face before moving speed is increased, at the bottom of the average time for ultrasonic vibration crystallization speed is 3.2 mm/SEC, and no vibration on the molten metal, crystallization speed is 1.5 mm/SEC.Test result makes quantitative judgment can solve metal refining effect of crystallization rate and the parameters of the elastic vibration value, in the copper mold, at the bottom of the ingot casting speed is close to the arc welding and the crystallization of electroslag pressure welding speed, vibration parameters used in an ingot can be expected test, can be used to deal with are similar to one another in the volume of liquid metal aluminum and other metal alloy.

Observation, to pour out the rest of the liquid metal is still not sure about the elastic vibration under the action of metal crystal volume assumption, proved in ultrasonic metal welding recrystallization with characteristics, sequence and ingot solidification rate regardless of the presence of elastic vibration is actually doesn't change, the elastic vibration ingot solidification time of the processing, mainly connected with the ingot crystallization rate has much to do.Main reason is that heat transfer conditions, vibration can make the ingot is bonded to the water-cooled ultrasonic vibration transmission rod, so that we can solve the fast heat conduction, when not through vibration, ingots was not to be bonded to the vibration on the end of the rod, so that the vibration rod cooling will become very small, is likely to depend on in the whole volume of molten metal, quickly eliminate overheat and make the solidification time, this is because the liquid metal in the ultrasonic welding received strong stirring, grew up in the results of grain consume a large amount of heat to melt.

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