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Why is ultrasonic plastic welding machine more and more popular?

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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine adopts automation technology not only can make people from heavy manual labor, parts of mental Labour and bad, dangerous working conditions, and to expand the organ function, greatly improve the labor productivity, it is widely used in industry, agriculture, transportation, military, scientific research, business, health, services, and family, etc.

With the gradual development of industry, prices and workers' wages have increased correspondingly, and the cost of factory management has increased accordingly. All these reasons have led to the popularity of automation equipment by more and more companies.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine, focusing on small details of the machine, saving large labor costs.The following are the characteristics of ultrasonic plastic welding machine:

1. High welding efficiency, capable of batch processing of welded plastic parts;

2. There is no need for any auxiliary materials and chemical dissolution, so it has no impact on human health;

3. The bond is firm, not deformed, does not affect the appearance, and does not damage the welded materials;

4. Can solve the air tightness and water tightness of the welded objects;

5. Anti-rear tilt and coaxial direct pressure design of the fuselage, balanced pressure application and improved welding precision;

6. Touch screen, digital welding parameter setting, intuitive and accurate;

7. Assembly of main electrical components and high-quality imported parts;

8. Four-point balance adjustment, simple adjustment of welding head;Rectangular columns, columns optional, guide bearings, precision fine tuning;

The above multi-point advantage, early ultrasonic plastic welding machine is favored by the major manufacturers of the reasons, while improving production and quality, but also can reduce production costs, such a kill two birds with one stone benefit who will not heart?

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