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Various functions of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is to conduct ultrasonic wave to the plastic processing parts through the welding head, so that the two plastic joint surface because of the ultrasonic effect of intense friction, friction heat melting plastic joint surface to complete the polymer bonding.This technology has the advantages of fast speed, firm weld and more importantly, it can make the production and processing of plastic products automatic.The purpose of ultrasonic plastic welding machine is as follows:

1. Ultrasonic welding: with ultrasonic vibration, ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the plastic surface for welding along with ultrasonic welding molds. As a result, local high temperature is generated to melt the plastic surface.

2. Ultrasonic embedding: place the nut screw or other metal on the plastic workpiece.Ultrasonic energy is transmitted to metal through an ultrasonic machine.After high speed vibration heat generation, under the pressure of ultrasonic machine, metal materials are directly embedded into the plastic.

3: ultrasonic riveting: connect metal and plastic or two plastics with different properties, and use the method of ultrasonic machine riveting to make the welding parts not brittle, beautiful and strong.

4: ultrasonic spot welding: two pieces of plastic products are divided into multi-point welding using the small welding head of ultrasonic machine, or the whole row of toothed welding heads are directly pressed on two pieces of plastic workpieces, so as to achieve the ultrasonic spot welding effect.

5: ultrasonic forming: the plastic parts are instantly fused and shaped by ultrasonic machine. When the plastic is solidified, the metal or other plastic materials can be firm.

6: ultrasonic resection: ultrasonic resection of cloth or plastic can be achieved through ultrasonic transmission through special design methods of ultrasonic welding molds and bottom tools.

With the progress of ultrasonic welding technology, it is applied in more and more places.

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