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What are the methods of plastic welding

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Nowadays, there are many places in our daily life where we need to use plastic products. Some of them are formed once or welded through plastic, which greatly facilitates our life.However, how to weld plastic products is not clear to many people. Today, I will explain to you several methods of plastic welding:

There are two main ways to connect plastics: bonding and welding.Generally speaking, the traditional bonding process is inefficient and unaesthetic, and the adhesive has certain toxicity.The welding technology has the advantages of high production efficiency, beautiful welding parts and high welding strength.Therefore, by contrast, plastic welding technology has been more and more widely used.Nowadays, ultrasonic plastic welding machine is widely used in plastic welding, and hot plate plastic welding machine is used for large workpieces.Proper weldable materials should be selected before welding. Only thermoplastic plastics with the same or similar molecular structure can be welded in the production process.In the welding contact surface is the chemical bonding between molecules, so the closer the material is, the better the welding effect.At the same time, the content of filling materials in plastics is largely related to the weldability and welding quality of plastics, which changes the physical properties of materials. When the content of filling materials exceeds 30%, due to the insufficient proportion of surface plastics and the insufficient degree of intermolecular fusion, the sealing property of welding will be reduced.We also need to adopt proper welding method according to the type of materials, the shape of products and the cost.According to the different heating methods adopted, plastic welding can be divided into several types of softening by external heat source, mechanical movement and electromagnetic action.A welding technology, through additional heat softening: 1, hot plate welding hot plate welding is in plane electric heating plate will be welded after two planar molten softening quickly remove the electric heating plate, merge the two plane and strength to the cooling of a way of welding, suitable for ultrasonic refractory non rotational workpiece or welding of large plastic parts, this method is of high welding strength, the shape of welding parts design is relatively easy, such as auto radiator, car kit, car lights, washing machine gimbal ring, and other products.2. Hot air welding when the hot air flow directly blows to the seam area, the filled wire and seam area with the same material as the base material are melted, and the filled material is fused with the welded plastic to form the weld.The advantage of this welding method is that the welding equipment is light and portable, but the welding skill of the operator is high.3. Hot rod and pulse welding are mainly used for welding of thin plastic film, and both methods are similar to pressing two thin films together and using the instantaneous heat generated by hot rod or nickel chrome wire to complete the welding.

Whether it is ultrasonic plastic welding machine, hot plate welding machine, hot air welding gun and other plastic welding equipment, we need to choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual requirements, which can save time, energy and achieve good results.We have reason to believe that there will be other plastic welding technologies in the near future. Let's wait and see.

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