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Fault diagnosis of ultrasonic transducer

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Ultrasonic welding equipment belong to high sensitive equipment, transducer vibrator is one of the main components, we found that there will be a hair in ultrasonic equipment maintenance vibrator not hair vibration fault, this article I introduce you to a distributed vibration fault and how to judge the malfunction, can effectively avoid the main box damaged caused by the failures of the transducer.

??Common problems with ultrasonic transducers :1. The ultrasonic vibrator is damped. We can check the plug connected to the transducer with the megohm meter.We can check the insulation resistance between 2 and 3 feet, general requirements above more than 30 ohms, insulation resistance if below the insulation resistance value, generally can determine is the transducer be affected with damp be affected with damp, processing method can put transducer as a whole in the oven set up around 100 ℃ drying or use hair dryer to three hours until insulation resistance value of returned to normal;2. If the transducer ignites the vibrator and the ceramic material breaks up, it can be checked by the combination of the naked eye and the megohm meter. Generally, as a method of emergency treatment, the individual damaged vibrators can be disconnected first, which will not affect the normal use of other vibrators.3. The transducer produces vibrator degumming. The transducer independently developed by our company adopts the double guarantee technology of cementing and screw fastening, which generally will not happen.As a result of the action of screw fastening, even after sending oscillator degumming is not falling from vibration surface, summary judgment method is to use the hand gently shake hair of the end of the vibrator, observe the vibration of the glue to make judgment, oscillator appeared after degumming of ultrasonic power output power generally display normal, but due to bad oscillator is connected with the vibration plane vibration effect is not good, may burn out after long time use a vibrator.The vibrator degumming of the transducer can only be solved by sending it back to the manufacturer in general. The client does not have this knowledge and may damage the transducer.Transducer at 4. The vibration plane perforation, usually use a few years later may appear the vibration plane punch, this is due to the vibration of the high frequency vibration fatigue stainless steel plate for a long time, the vibration plane punch has come to illustrate the use of transducer time limit, the general change measures need to be taken to solve the normal use of ultrasonic welding equipment.

Ultrasonic transducer to some basic troubleshooting, above the delivery when I'll be in equipment company related training, so that customers can master the basic knowledge of operation, professional for customer learned skills can also master some basic problem troubleshooting, avoid the defective cases forced work, to avoid damage to the machine.In case the customer cannot handle the problem, our company will give a reply within 2 hours to help the customer solve the problem. Our company has a perfect after-sales service system, so that you can get rid of your worries.Because of the profession, let you rest assured!

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