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Operation and maintenance of ultrasonic welding equipment

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Now I find that many customers who have bought ultrasonic welding machines don't always use welding equipment, and they don't know how to change it. Today I will explain it with the following instructions.

Operation flow of ultrasonic welding machine:

1.Plug in the power and turn on the power switch of the control cabinet. The power indicator light is on, indicating that the power is normally connected.

2.In use, the output fault indicator light is turned on for some reason, generating over-current protection. At this time, the power adjustment knob needs to be turned off, and the power adjustment knob is rotated counterclockwise.

3.The transducer is not allowed to be idle and the generator can be switched on for a long time.

4.When welding normally, the welded specimen will be clamped on the welding fixture, press the green button to perform a welding. All the connected parts should be tightened before welding, and no shaking is allowed.

5.Power, time and pressure are three important factors for the welding system. The workpiece of different specifications can be repeatedly adjusted according to different power, time and pressure to achieve a good welding process. After the equipment is used, the power switch can be closed.Above is the operation flow of ultrasonic welding machine, general ultrasonic equipment can be carried out in accordance with this procedure, next I will say how to carry out the maintenance of ultrasonic equipment.

Maintenance and maintenance of ultrasonic welding equipment:

1. Keep welding head, bottom mould and working objects clean;

2. Regularly check whether the cable joint is loose, and tighten it in time if it is loose;

3. The equipment shall be cleaned regularly and no liquid shall be used to clean it.

4. Keep the air unimpeded in the workplace, and keep the ambient temperature not too high.

5. Regularly apply butter to lifting grooves and screw rods and keep them clean and lubricated;

6. When handling the machine, the vibration box should be separated from the body and handled with care;

7. When the equipment is not in use for a long time, wipe the appearance of the machine, apply oil for maintenance, cover the cover and place it in a dry and ventilated place;

8. If there is any crack in the welding head of ultrasonic plastic welding machine, please replace it in time to avoid causing damage to the main box parts;

9. Press the ultrasonic inspection button to press it intermittently. Do not press it continuously for more than three seconds to maintain the vibrator life;

10. The vibration meter shall not exceed the red zone during operation. If the indicator exceeds the red zone, the pressure shall be reduced and the number of output force segments shall be reduced.

11. The main box of ultrasonic plastic welding machine vibrates with high voltage lines. Non-professional personnel shall not repair the inside of the machine.

12. The grounding line of the equipment shall be grounded, and shall not be connected to the power supply line to prevent high voltage leakage.

The above procedure is ultrasonic welding equipment operation and maintenance process, customers can timely maintenance machines, extend the use of equipment, such as equipment failure, cannot solve, still need to find a professional manufacturer of after-sales service, our company for their own sales of equipment has a good after-sales service.

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