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The characteristics and application range of ultrasonic wire - beam welding machine

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The ultrasonic wire beam welding machine produced by our company has the following characteristics: 1. The whole machine adopts integrated design, advanced structure, small volume, light weight, convenient movement, beautiful appearance and atmosphere; 2.2. PLL lock frequency automatic tracking technology is adopted to ensure the welding effect of wire bundles and terminal pieces without frequency modulation;3. A quick replaceable welding head with multiple welding surfaces can complete 300,000 times of wire beam welding at a small production cost;4. Before welding, it can automatically detect whether all the metal wire bundles in the wire bundles have been filled in correctly, without any problems such as welding leakage;5. Independently developed wire beam welding molds can reduce the purchase cost of enterprises;6. Have the memory mode of energy detection, automatically remember and store the output power of each welding to solve the consistency of welding quality;7. The pre-set welding power, time and depth of ultrasonic wire beam welding machine are compared to solve the excellent welding effect.

As the use of ultrasonic wire beam welding machine becomes more and more frequent, I would like to talk about which products can be applied:Auto copper, aluminum wire, copper wire and copper beam, beam end electrical connector cables, copper stranded wire and terminal connectors, relays, electrical wires and ejection type pressure of the end piece, wiring harness, battery wires and terminals, copper and aluminum wire bundle and end piece, car airbag wire, metal woven wire, wire harness and pin, stranded wire and wire, electric wire terminals, large size wire and terminal textile, electromagnetic wire terminals, copper wire and brass terminals, cable wire and terminal, wire harness and terminals, wiring harness and derivation battery pole piece, wiring terminal and terminal, bus terminals, copper and copper terminal, copper wire and copper beam terminal, braided copper wire and terminals, etc.The welding of copper wire bundles, aluminum wire bundles, copper alloy wire bundles, automobile wire bundles, wires, wires, leads, wires, cables, battery wires, copper braided wire (braided wire) and terminals, copper pieces, and end pieces.Ultrasonic wire harness welding machine is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, electron, electric motor, battery, computer, communication equipment, instrument, solar energy, hardware and other industries.True is more broadly, as people of all process excellence, ultrasonic metal wire welding machine, spot welding machine and metal applications will become more widely, can produce more stable quality of products, our company research and development of ultrasonic metal wire welding machine, solar thermal plate seam welder and other metal seam welder are all have their own intellectual property rights, so as to better serve customers.

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