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The assembly requirement and working environment of ultrasonic transducer

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The ultrasonic transducer should pay attention to all parts of the system when it is assembled, such as the transducer, amplitude-lever, tool and other main parts of the system.1. Check whether the contact surface is smooth. If it is not smooth, gently polish it with sandpaper with size zero or above, which can not only smooth the defect, but also do not damage the flatness of the contact surface.2. Use volatile and non-corrosive detergent to clean screws, screw holes and contact surfaces.Thoroughly clean screws, screw holes and contact surfaces.3. The connection screw hole should be perpendicular to the contact surface.Apply a thin layer of butter or vaseline to the contact surface before tightening to avoid oxidation.4. Tighten the two parts carefully. Control the tightening torque according to the different connecting screw specifications, and tighten them appropriately.5. Loosen the binding surface again and you should not see any scars.6. The ultrasonic vibration system has uniform amplitude, no strange noises and no severe local fever.7. After working for a period of time, there should be no trace of oxidation or burning after re-releasing the binding surface.

The working environment of the ultrasonic transducer will make the transducer hot when it is used, mainly caused by the following reasons: 1. The welding parts will be hot or the materials treated by the ultrasonic wave will be hot, or the mold amplitude-changing rod will be hot for a long time, and these heat will be transferred to the transducer to make it hot.2. The power loss of the transducer itself, ultrasonic welding energy conversion efficiency of less than 100%, the loss of a part of the energy must be converted to heat, the temperature will lead to the ultrasonic transducer parameters change, gradually deviate from the better matching state, is more serious is that rising temperatures will lead to the deterioration of piezoelectric ceramic chip performance, which in turn make the ultrasonic transducer work environment condition worse, make temperature rise faster, and this leads to a vicious cycle.Therefore, we need to provide a good cooling condition for ultrasonic transducers. Generally, we use normal temperature air cooling. If necessary, we can also use cold air cooling system.Under normal cooling conditions, ultrasonic transducers do not produce any problems.Of course, there are exceptions, some adverse production such as the use of low-quality air cooling equipment, there will be uncertain hidden dangers.The cooling equipment selected by our company is reliable and stable, so as to eliminate all hidden dangers for customers.

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