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Application of ultrasonic welding technology

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With the development of ultrasonic welding technology, more and more places began to use this welding technology, this kind of welding technology is fast, beautiful and high welding strength characteristics, more and more popular in the required industries.Today, I'd like to talk about which industries need ultrasonic welding technology:

1. Auto parts industry: welding is an important link in automobile manufacturing industry. Now there are more and more plastic parts in automobiles, and the quality of plastic welding determines the quality of automobile assembly.Ultrasonic welding equipment can be controlled by a computer program to execute to welding of large or irregular artifacts, such as the window motor, built-in stereo, floor MATS, car door plank, accumulation and dispersion fork, spare tire case, bumper, filter, front baffle, airbags, automotive electronic wiring harness, dashboard, visor, car water dispensers, tail lights, water tank, brake oil cup, and many other places.

2, home appliance industry: with the rapid development of home appliance industry and in recent years in terms of household electrical appliances of weldable plastic products more and more, such as vacuum cleaners, razor shell and portable solar chimney, juicer plastic structure, steam irons, water dispenser plastic board, TV shell, radio recorder lit panel, all kinds of remote control, TV chassis screws, electronic mosquito swatter dehydration tank shell, washing machine, washing machine control panel welding need to seal, strong and beautiful and plastic welding technology.

3. Stationery and toy industry: in recent years, more and more attention has been paid to the environmental protection and protection of commodities in the society, because more and more ultrasonic welding technology has been adopted to make products hygienic, efficient and strong, and gradually eliminate the processing demand of auxiliary products such as screws, adhesives and glue.Ultrasonic welding not only reduces the production cost, but also widely used in ink cartridge, folder, card holder, photo album, toy nipple, bright ball, key chain, mobile pendant and other plastic material products, which can greatly improve the company's market competitiveness.

4. Electronic and electrical industry: the upgrading and upgrading of electronic products have an increasingly high demand for the welding of plastic parts, while ultrasonic welding has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and no auxiliary agent, etc., which fully meet the high requirement of electronic and electrical welding.Ultrasonic welding technology is applied in video casings, video cassettes, computers, electronic watches, mobile phones, MP3, magnetic disc, usb disk, mobile phone battery, charger, SD card, mobile phone case, setting device, switch socket and so on.

5, packaging processing industry: in many parts of the packaging processing industry use ultrasonic welding technology, such as hose ring by welding of sealing, packaging tapes, non-woven bag, air filter bag, water treatment of polypropylene filter bag welding, corrugated container seal, anti-counterfeiting JiuPingGai, valve bag, shopping bag, toothpick box, paper cups, convenient noodles paper bowl, dairy, nails box sealing box.

6. Textile industry: ultrasonic welding technology is mainly applied to non-woven fabric in the textile industry. Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, non-combustion-supporting, simple differentiation and recyclable use.Non-woven fabric is welded with garment lace, bed cover, pillow cover, car cover, sanitary mask, packing belt, backpack, handbag, window cloth, raincoat, scalpel, toys, gloves, table towel, chair cover, quilt cover, protective clothing, accessories, foreign umbrella, lamp cover, etc.

7. Metal industry: ultrasonic welding technology is applied to the metal processing industry. Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of short welding time, low energy consumption and high power.Ultrasonic metal welding technology is widely used in copper, silver, aluminum, nickel and other non-ferrous metal filaments or thin sections for single point welding, multi-point welding and wire beam welding. It is widely used in silicon controlled leads, fuse pieces, electrical leads, lithium battery poles, polar ears, solar heat collector copper pipe welding sealing and other fields.

8. Daily decoration industry: there are many products in daily necessities that require plastic welding technology for production and processing. Ultrasonic plastic welding technology is applied to keyring, plastic lighter, toothpick box, suitcase, hollow board box, jewelry box, cosmetic box, sealed container, etc.It has good welding effect on plastic materials such as ABS, PP, PE, PC, PUC, PMMA, PS, PPS, PBT, PETG and so on.

9, communication consumables industry: with the demand of communication devices and the high quality needs improving, device welding quality of plastic parts is the key of the product quality, the ultrasonic welding technology can be used very good luck ink cartridges, magnetic tape, drum unit, printer, fax machine, following, telephone, mobile phone charger, power adapter, communication device nut preparetions, material plastic, and other aspects.

With the progress of production technology, ultrasonic welding technology will play a better role in more and more places and make more contributions to our environmental health. I hope the above text explanation can help those in need.

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