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Working principle and classification of ultrasonic welding machine

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With the development of modern society, welding technology has various ways to conduct welding treatment, such as arc welding, gas protection welding, electroslag pressure welding, argon welding, laser welding, ultrasonic welding and other welding methods, which can meet the needs of various welding production.

Ultrasonic welding can transfer the vibration of electric energy to the junction of the two welds through the transducer, so that the welding part contact surface generates high temperature, the contact surface overheating leads to rapid melting, and after the corresponding working pressure is added, the two welding objects can be integrated under the control of temperature and pressure.The cooling time can be set freely to make it solidify and form a new welding object. The welding strength of the sample can be close to that of the raw material.

Such quick welding method can save the cost of welding and make the surface of welding materials smooth and beautiful, which greatly increases the production efficiency and workability.According to the material of the welding sample, the welding equipment can now be divided into two main types: ultrasonic plastic welding machine and ultrasonic metal welding machine.In these two categories can be divided into plastic hot-melt welding machine, plastic hot-plate welding machine, auto parts welding machine, metal wire beam welding machine, metal hole drawing machine and so on.

Compared with different technological requirements, the corresponding welding equipment can be selected to meet the production requirements.With the development of modern technology, there will be better and more advanced welding technology to meet production in the future.

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