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Working principle and application range of 24KHz ultrasonic metal welding machine

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The 24K ultrasonic metal welding machine USES amplifiers to transmit high frequency vibration waves to two metal surfaces that need to be welded. Under pressure from the fixture, the two welded metal surfaces are rubbed against each other to form a metal fusion.In the welding process, one of the welding parts is fixed by clamping device, and the other one vibrates on its surface by reciprocating friction at a frequency of 24KHz. At the same time, pressure is applied to the welding parts, and a large amount of resistance heat is generated at the contact of the welding parts.The fixture continues to maintain pressure, disconnecting the current metal after cooling, forming a new soldering point.The metal sample can be welded quickly by forming a firm bond.

Ultrasonic metal welding function of 24K performs spot and strip welding on copper, silver, chromium nickel and other conductive non-ferrous metals.It can be applied to spot and strip welding of thyristor chip lead, fuse holder of quick fuse, electric lead terminal, battery chip ear, etc.Ultrasonic metal welding machine is widely used in automotive electronics, relays, batteries, solar energy, electrical connectors and other electronic components production industries, is a fast, stable welding equipment.

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