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Analysis of parts of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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1. Counter:

Record the number of work cycles, with return to zero pressure buckle.

2. Adjustment and pressure gauge: it is used to indicate working pressure and adjust pressure.

3. Setting of hardening time: adjust the range of 0~9, 99 seconds of cooling and setting time at the welding joint of the working object at the end of vibration.

4. Setting of delay time: adjust the starting vibration time, and start vibration within 0-9 and 99 seconds after limiting the switch action.

5. Sound wave adjustment: adjust the resonance matching between the vibrator subsystem and the sending circuit, so as to achieve an ideal conversion efficiency.

6. Welding time setting: adjust the duration of welding, and vibrate for 0~9, 99 seconds at the end of the delay time.

7. Amplitude table: it shows the amplitude strength of sound wave in no-load or load operation.

8. Frequency indication: display the machine frequency when debugging the machine

9. Reduction speed adjustment: adjust the reasonable and appropriate working speed.

10. Output cable and socket: for connecting the vibration subsystem of the body and the circuit of the vibration generator box.

11. Fuse holder: overload protection of electronic circuit.

12. Power switch and lamp: control of power switch and signal indicating open circuit

13. Welding head: drive the vibration energy on the working object and make it fuse.

14. Select switch (automatic/manual/acoustic inspection) : automatic or manual selection, and press button for no-load acoustic inspection.

15. Up/down buffer adjustment: the adjustment hole on the side of the machine platform can be appropriately adjusted to make the lifting inertia moderate.

16. Horizontal fine tuning screw: adjust these four screws so that the welding head can be pressed evenly on the working object.

17. Low point fine tuning screw: it can be used to limit the cylinder's descent when welding the melting block or when the external dimension needs to be accurate.

18. Welding position window: view the status of the welding head pressing the working material during normal welding.

19. Control cable and socket: it is used to connect the control unit of the body to the automatic control circuit of the generator box.

20. Acoustic output adjustment button: for the setting of the number of acoustic output segments, 1~2 segments are for general use, and 3~4 segments are for strong output.

21. Grounding nut: the grounding wire of the electronic circuit shall be used for connection, and the protection shall be provided for leakage of electricity.

22. Acoustic overload lamp: the abnormal display of acoustic overload shall be adjusted by sound wave until the overload lamp is not displayed.

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