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Welding method and advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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Welding method:

1. Welding method: ultrasonic vibration transmits ultrasonic wave to the welding parts along with the welding head. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the two welding parts, the joint surface of local high-temperature parts is melted.Under certain pressure, the two welds can achieve beautiful, fast and strong welding effect.

2. Embedding (inserting) method: nuts or other metals are to be inserted into plastic parts.First of all, ultrasonic wave is transmitted to metal, through high speed vibration, the metal is directly embedded into the molding plastic, and the plastic is melted at the same time, and the embedding is completed after solidification.

3. Riveting method: in order to combine metal and plastic or two plastics with different properties, ultrasonic riveting method can be used to make the welding parts not easy to brittle, beautiful and strong.

4. Spot welding method: use small welding head to spot welding two large plastic products, or press the whole row of toothed welding head directly on two plastic parts, so as to achieve spot welding effect.

5. Molding method: use ultrasonic wave to instantly melt the plastic workpiece into shape. When the plastic solidifies, the metal or other plastic materials can be firm.

6. Resection method: the special design method of welding head and base is adopted. When the plastic workpiece is just released, it is directly pressed on the branches and stems of the plastic, and the resection effect is achieved through ultrasonic transmission.

Advantages of welding

I. advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding:

1. Fast welding speed, high welding strength and good sealing;

2. Replace the traditional welding/bonding process with low cost, no pollution and no damage to the workpiece;

3. The welding process is stable, and all welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software system. Once the fault is found, it is easy to troubleshoot and maintain.


Ii. Advantages of ultrasonic metal welding:

1. The welding materials shall not melt, and shall not be vulnerable to metal characteristics.

2. Good conductivity after welding, low or near zero resistivity.

3. Low requirement for welding metal surface, and can be welded by oxidation or electroplating.

4. Short welding time, no flux, gas or solder is required.

5. No sparks in welding, environmental protection.

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