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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine overload how to do?

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Overload of welding machine, i.e. overload lamp lights up or overload lamp lights up;This has been the case, but it has been caused by the following situations:

1. Ultrasonic power tube is damaged;

Especially for American lines such as 8400,8700, the power of Taiwan lines will not be overloaded if the power of Taiwan lines is damaged, and the power of Taiwan lines will only cause no ultrasonic output

2. Improper frequency adjustment;

If the ultrasonic vibration system does not match the ultrasonic generator, it will cause overload.When you start to use ultrasonic plastic welding machine, of course, should be the first ultrasonic frequency adjust good, however, with the passage of time, the ultrasonic mould and ultrasonic generator electronic components are different degree of fever, this will cause frequency drift, and the traditional analog circuit of ultrasonic generator is no way to achieve automatic adjustment, so need to adjust the ultrasonic frequency;

3. Components of ultrasonic vibration system are damaged;

Ultrasonic vibration system includes ultrasonic transducers, ultrasonic amplitude-changing rods and ultrasonic molds.In general, this situation can be solved by elimination or substitution.For example, if the ultrasonic mold is suspected to be damaged, you can determine the problem by removing the ultrasonic mold or replacing the ultrasonic mold.

4. Problems with ultrasonic high-voltage connection also cause overload;

First of all, the ultrasonic output line of Taiwan line will be overloaded if it is opened or short-circuited, while the ultrasonic output line of American line will not be overloaded if it is opened.

5. Overload occurs when the working current exceeds the set current;

In this case, the no-load ultrasonic current is normal. During welding, the load current is too high, exceeding the set power.To solve this problem, you can turn down the air pressure or shorten the ultrasonic welding time, or replace the high-power ultrasonic machine.

Traditional analog lines cannot automatically detect and adjust the frequency of ultrasonic waves.   

Automatic frequency tracking ultrasonic plastic welding machine developed by nanfang lijin adopts full digital circuit design, which can automatically identify the frequency of ultrasonic mould, automatically scan the working state of ultrasonic wave all the time, and can make automatic adjustment, so that the ultrasonic plastic welding machine works at a better frequency point all the time.    

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