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How to solve ultrasonic welding product surface damage

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Ultrasonic welding machine is through vibration friction produced by high heat direct contact with the plastic product appearance, so that the product appearance is easy to occur scald.There are many reasons for scald on the product surface after ultrasonic welding, such as:

1. The reason of the plastic itself is that ultrasonic vibration is transmitted to the bonding surface through the plastic product surface.

2. The ultrasonic energy is too strong, the machine power is too high or the ultrasonic mold amplitude is too high;

3. Ultrasonic time is too long;

4. The surface of ultrasonic molds is not consistent with the surface of products, which is usually caused by the insufficient processing precision of ultrasonic molds. It may also be caused by the injection molding process defects such as product deformation and shrinkage.

How to solve ultrasonic welding product when the surface appears scar and crack?:

1. Reduce the time of welding, that is, reduce the time of heating on plastic parts.

2. Early vibration.

Lower the pressure.

4. Reduce welding time (early vibration).

5. Reference media coverage (such as PE bags).

6. Add R Angle to the product at the right Angle.

7. Surface treatment (hardening or chrome plating) of mould and fixture.

8. The number of machine stages is reduced or the expansion ratio of upper die is reduced.

9, the fixture should be made into a buffer, easy to crack or break the product. Such as soft resin or covered cork stopper (this refers to does not affect the welding strength).

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