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The reason why ultrasonic welding machine does not wave

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Ultrasonic welding machine does not produce ultrasonic wave, that is, there is no ultrasonic output, this problem is relatively large, said not specific enough, we will be divided into several situations:

I. external reasons:

1. The solution to the sudden absence of ultrasonic welding machine is simple: just blow the circuit board dry and it can be used normally.Of course, if the damage is serious, we will have to change another crystal plate. In general, the electric fan can be blown dry.The maintenance method of ultrasonic welding machine is very important when using ultrasonic welding machine. If a machine is well maintained, the frequency of failure will be relatively reduced.

2. Check the reason why ultrasonic welding machine does not emit sound waves:

First, check whether the trachea is connected well.

Second, check whether the power supply and circuit board line have a good connection.

3. It is also possible that the weather changes relatively quickly, and the air is too moist, which will cause the phenomenon of moisture return. The floor is wet, and the machine is wet.In fact, these are small problems, only regular maintenance, cleaning and drying, it is ok, no problem.

Internal reasons: ultrasonic circuit maintenance

Ultrasonic overload, which is caused by system detuning.

First of all, we should judge whether the frequency adjustment is in the correct position.

Determine whether the ultrasonic vibration system matches, whether the ultrasonic mold is tight or damaged;

If it is the branson line in the United States, it should also determine whether the ultrasonic power tube and other electronic circuits are damaged.

2. No response of ultrasonic load meter:

It is basically judged that the power plate is damaged and the ultrasonic power tube is replaced.In this case, it is also necessary to consider whether there is a problem with the drive circuit. For the Taiwan circuit, it is necessary to see whether the relay on the main board moves or not.The American circuit shall see whether the relay of the protection plate moves. If there is no action, repair the protection plate.It is important to note that when the American circuit is overloaded with current, the relay jumps and resets.

In the practical application of ultrasonic welding machine, there is no ultrasonic output and there is no way to weld. Please don't panic.Check no-load current, the current is normal, is your debugging problem, if overload or no ultrasonic current, please parameter above the second point.If the current is normal, the pressure and welding time should be judged.

No matter what the problem is, determine the problem, you can send the experiment with substitution, such as replacing a mold, or even replacing an ultrasonic generator.

To determine whether it is a mold problem or a machine problem, you can remove the mold and determine whether ultrasonic welding is damaged.Step by step to minimize the problem.For example, if the current is overloaded or the current is high, you can remove the mold to judge if the debugging is fruitless.

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