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Causes and treatment of heat of ultrasonic transducer

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Causes and treatment of heat of ultrasonic transducer

There are three main reasons why ultrasonic transducers get hot when they are used.The first is that the soldering parts will heat up or the materials treated by ultrasonic waves will heat up, or the ultrasonic molds (tool heads) and the amplitude-changing rods will heat up for a long time, which will be transferred to the transducer.The second is the power loss of the transducer itself.Since there is no good energy conversion, the part of energy lost is converted to heat.The temperature rise will lead to changes in the parameters of the transducer and gradually deviate from the good matching state. More seriously, the temperature rise will lead to deterioration of the performance of piezoelectric ceramic chips.This in turn makes the transducer work worse and heat up faster.Therefore, we need to provide good cooling conditions for the transducer, usually at room temperature and air cooling.Also can use cold wind cold.Under normal conditions, the temperature rise caused by these two points is also normal. Under normal cooling conditions, there will be no major problems.

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  In practice, we found that the third reason was that the customer failed to match the transducer with the ultrasonic power supply in a good working state when using it. The heating caused by this was large and uncontrollable, causing serious consequences.At the same time, the temperature is high, the mechanical strength of aluminum material drops sharply, under the action of high power, easy to crack.

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