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Application of 35K Precision Ultrasonic Plastic Welding machine in Bluetooth Headset Industry

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With the popularization and development of the Internet and the widespread use of smartphones, Bluetooth headsets have gradually become an indispensable part of people's daily life.Particularly since entering the 21st century, consumer groups tend to be younger, and the demand for Bluetooth headsets is increasing day by day.At the same time, in order to satisfy the diversified consumption demand,there are different requirements on the performance, appearance and usage scenarios of Bluetooth headsets.Bluetooth headsets have captured people's hearts with their small size, light weight, convenient carrying and use.Driven by such a strong market, numerous businesses have entered the Bluetooth headset field, devoting themselves to the research and development, production, manufacture and sales of headphones, in order to occupy the market with their own products, gain full market share and gain a place for development in the market.


Bluetooth Headset example pictures




In order to meet the needs of the production process, the plastic welding machine has stepped onto the stage of the times. As the latest generation of welding equipment, the 35K precision ultrasonic plastic welding machine has " Great show" in the field of Bluetooth headset production and has won the favor of many manufacturers.


Dongguan South Nekon Machinery Co., Ltd., was an enterprise that researched, produced and selled 35K precision ultrasonic plastic welding machines, is located in Shipai Town, Dongguan City, the capital of manufacture,near the Dongjiang River. Since its establishment, after more than 20 years of development, the company has been committed to the research and development, production and sales of ultrasonic and automatic mechanical equipment. It has its own core technology in this field and is in a leading position in the same industry. The headquarters employs 120 people, including 80 development engineering and technical personnel, and the research and development technical personnel account for 2 / 3 of the total number of employees in the headquarters. It can be said that the technical personnel team is very strong.Ultrasonic plastic welding technology is widely used in many industries such as electronics,automobiles,toys,medical treatment and so on,and has won unanimous favorable comments and high market reputation.


35K Precision Ultrasonic Plastic Welding machine(The fourth generation)



The ultrasonic principle is used to instantly weld the two parts of plastic parts. It does not overflow glue, does not damage the appearance, and the welding effect can be watertight and airtight.Riveting solder joints are smooth, round and full, with strong tensile strength.The cutting edge is automatically sealed without yellowing, blackening or burning.When the machine works, the noise is extremely low, which is especially suitable for the perfect welding of small precision plastic parts.


small size, high precision, beautiful appearance, strong output, automatic frequency tracking, stable performance, high frequency and low noise, compared with the traditional 15K and 20K ultrasonic welding effect, the molecular structure after welding is more compact, welding is more complete and complete, tensile resistance is super strong, the equipment is easy to operate and debug, and it is the most ideal ultrasonic welding equipment in Bluetooth headset industry.


Equipment parameters:

 Name: 35K Precision Ultrasonic Plastic Welding Machine

 Model: NK-SJ3505A

 Voltage: 220V 50-60HZ

 Frequency: 35KHZ

 Power: 600W

 Air pressure: 3-5kg/cm2

 Weight: 55KG

 Size: 400*500*1000MM


The 35K precision ultrasonic plastic welding machine is used for welding operation, it is small volume and does not occupy space, the limited space can be fully utilized, and the utilization efficiency of the space can be improved.Light weight, convenient transportation, etc.High precision, can complete complex process welding according to requirements, enhance the value of products and enhance the market competitiveness of products;When the whole machine works, the noise is extremely low, thus greatly reducing the pollution caused by the noise and being very helpful for protecting the environment and protecting human health.The cutting edge is automatically sealed without yellowing, blackening or scorching,which greatly satisfies the aesthetics of the cut products.Automatic ultrasonic frequency tracking makes the machine more stable in working performance and can ensure the qualified rate of products.Therefore,the use of 35K precision ultrasonic plastic welding machine for welding is not only the demand of production technology, but also the need to enhance market competitiveness.


Example of Bluetooth headset welded by 35K precision ultrasonic plastic welding machine is shown in the picture:

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