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2018 Annual Meeting of Dongguan South Nekon Machinery Co.,LTD

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The time flies.Blink of an eye,the year is coming.In the past year, Southnekon's leaders and employees of various departments have performed their respective duties and made joint efforts. Southnekon has made outstanding achievements. In order to thank all staff for their hard work and to welcome the new year, Southnekon decided to hold a year-end banquet in the Shipai HongseJiangshu Restaurant on January 19, 2019.


Beautiful and quiet female hosts and humorous male hosts stepped onto the stage to deliver sincere opening remarks for the year-end banquet.With the appearance of the two hosts, the year-end banquet kicked off.First,several leaders of Southnekon took turns to speak on stage to congratulate the banquet.


The first person to take the stage was CEO Mr. Zhang, who is brilliant and extremely leadership.Mr. Zhang summarized the past year and fully affirmed the efforts of all employees of Southnekon.In terms of technology, product research and development, market expansion, sales and other aspects have made gratifying achievements, in the same industry in the front position.Mr.Zhang congratulated all employees for this.Secondly, Mr. Zhang also pointed out the existing problems of Southnekon, the research and development of technology is not enough, it still needs the continuous efforts of engineers to break through the technical difficulties and lay a solid foundation for Southnekon's future.There are also many problems in the operation process, so relevant leaders of various departments should strictly implement and standardize the operation process, all departments should strengthen communication and make sure that there is no information communication so as to maximize the overall operating efficiency of Southnekon.At the same time, Mr. Zhang is determined with passion. In the new year, he will set an example and take the lead, leading all staff to make joint efforts to achieve more success and push Southnekon to a better future.Finally, Mr. Zhang wishes every employee of Southnekon good health and happy new year! Mr.Zhang's speech won warm clapping, and we are also proud to have such a chairman.

The second speaker on the stage was Manager Mr.Guo, who was steady and capable manager of the Cleaning Department.Mr.Guo summarized the past yearFirstly, the per capital output value exceeded 500,000, more than double compared with previous years, for which Mr.Guo gave full affirmation.At the same time, he also hopes that the various staff of the department will continue their efforts and achieve new successes. Secondly, through one year's efforts, Southnekon's products have won the favor of many customers, and Southnekon's word of mouth has risen to a higher level. Mr.Guo hopes that the staff will work together to improve the service level and product quality, and continuously improve Southnekon's reputation. Finally, Mr.Guo wishes all employees good health and happy new year! Everyone in the audience clapping loudly.


The third speaker was the Production Line Manager Mr.Hanwho is handsome and very capable of working. Firstly,Mr.Han summarized the achievements of the factory in the past year and gave full affirmation. Secondly, he also pointed out the current problems in the factory and hope that all staff can pay more attention to them and solve the problems timely to promote further development . Finally, Mr. Han wish all the employees are healthy and happy new year! Then won warm applause.

Two hosts invited all staff to give warm applause to the three leaders again and thank them for their wonderful speeches after Mr.Han finished speech. The annual meeting was divided into two parts: dining and cultural performances,which including Chinese martial arts, flute playing, singing performances etc.Each performance was particularly good and greatly enhanced the atmosphere of the venue,all of staff enjoyed the food on that time,what a good scene of joy! The HR Manager Mr.Li Sang a very nice song,his excellent performance made the staff very happy.


There was a wonderful and exciting lottery during Annual Meeting. The awards including the Gift Award, the Third Prize, the Second Prize, the First Prize, the Special Prize, and the Consolation Prize etc. Each round of the lucky draw is an exciting moment,because everybody hope they can be the lucky dog. During the period, the lottery of the special prize was the most touching – CEO Mr. Zhang, invited his mother to the stage, thanking the mother for giving her life, sharing the mother’s difficulty in raising herself, and always remembering the mother’s parenting grace,so he try best to make a better life for his parents, meanwhile, he hopes Everyone should have a grateful heart!

The whole process was very harmonious, and it was close to the end without knowing it. Thanks Southnekon for giving growth and development platform,We believe Southnekon Machinery Co., Ltd. will continue to keep going and become a leader in the market! 

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