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Application of Ultrasonic Automatic Welding machine in File Floder Industry

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With the changes of the times, the progress of human civilization, in the fields of business, social, political and other fields, the scope of people's communication is expanding. In order to facilitate the accurate transmission and preservation of information between each other, information is usually saved in the form of a file.However, the problem has become apparent. As the number of files increases, the preservation of files becomes a problem. At this time, the folder came into being, and it was on the stage of the times.


The use of folders greatly facilitates the collection, storage, management, and use of files, greatly reducing the difficulty of file management. Many merchants have seen the prospects of the folders and have entered the field to produce, in order to occupy market share and develop in this field. Therefore, a competitive pattern of Hundred Schools of Thought Contentionhas been formed. According to the market demand, each manufacturer has continuously launched various styles and color folders. At the same time, it has increased research and development efforts to ensure the quality of its products, and it is a lively scene.


Production must use technology, the level of technology is one of the core competitiveness of an enterprise. In the early stage of production, due to the reasons of the times and the limitations of their own conditions, major manufacturers have failed to master advanced production technology. Therefore, most of the products produced are low in technology and less competitive than foreign countries.


In the early time, productivity was underdeveloped, and various manufacturers used manual production, relying on the number of advantages to produce. Under the social conditions of the time, the number of people directly determines the scale of production of this enterprise. Therefore, various manufacturers have expanded their staff. Moreover, the per capita cost is relatively low, which creates an opportunity for manufacturers to expand their staff.


Production must use raw materials. At the beginning, productivity development is not well developed, raw materials are widely used, resulting in low prices; transportation costs are at a lower level; transportation costs and other expenses are relatively low; in general, the whole The cost of raw materials is very low. Therefore, major manufacturers do not have to invest too much in this area.


With the advancement of science and technology, the development of productivity and the diversification of people's needs, earth-shaking changes have taken place in the production field. The expansion of interpersonal communication, the use of documents in the work, the need to negotiate documents on the negotiating table, etc., the shadow of the folder is visible at any time in countless fields, and the society is increasingly demanding it. However, due to the constraints of technical factors, labor costs, transportation costs, raw materials and other objective factors, the traditional way of relying on manual production has not met the trend of the times, and is gradually being replaced by a new automatic production method - ultrasonic automatic welding machine.


Ultrasonic automatic welding machine, as its name suggests, is the use of ultrasonic welding production instead of the original manual production, which is a major epoch-making revolution in the production field. The use of ultrasonic automatic welding machine for production greatly improves production efficiency, expands production capacity, and shortens the time required for production; labor costs are greatly reduced, and it takes several people to complete the work. Now only one technician and one technician are needed. The equipment can be completed on time and in quantity according to the quantity, and the labor is only a fraction of the original; the full use of raw materials, the use of manual production, the inevitable existence of artificial waste of raw materials, but using ultrasonic automatic welding machine Production, only need to debug the equipment, the equipment works according to the instructions, not only high productivity, but also the use of materials is very sufficient, the waste rate is very small, greatly saving raw materials; using ultrasonic automatic welding machine for production, the whole The production process is environmentally friendly, with little pollution and no harm to the human body.


In summary, the use of ultrasonic automatic welding machine in the field of folder production is a trend and a necessity. The use of ultrasonic automatic welding machine for production, not only can be based on customer needs for equipment commissioning, production of products that meet the needs, improve customer product loyalty; and, more convenient management, just increase the training of technical personnel, let it The equipment can be operated independently and the equipment failures that occur are eliminated. At the same time, the corresponding supporting work is done, and the entire management process is very short, which greatly reduces the difficulty of management.


At present, the ultrasonic automatic welding machine has been used in the folder industry and has achieved a series of achievements, but there are still many problems that need to be solved urgently. First, automation technology is still in a period of development, still not perfect, and the space for development is very large. Secondly, there are not enough technical personnel to support it, the talent reserve is insufficient; the management is not enough, and many manufacturers are using Semi-manual and semi-automatic production mode. Therefore, the use of automation, although the future is bright, but the road is far and difficult.

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