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Application of Hot Plate Welding Machine in Car Light

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Car lights, which are various traffic lights installed on the car to ensure safe driving. Divided into two categories of lighting and signal lights, and then subdivided, the lighting is divided into headlights, fog lights, reversing lights, license plate lights, ceiling lights, instrument lights, step lights, luggage lights, tool lights. There are six series signal lights:position lights, brake lights, turn signals, rear fog lights, Outline Marker Lamps, and parking lights. It can be seen from this that the lamp is widely used in the automotive field. In the long-term development process, numerous car lamp manufacturers have emerged. With the development of the economy, the improvement of people's income level, the change of consumption patterns, the demand for automobiles is increasing, and the requirements for their various components are getting higher and higher, especially the lamps.


The traditional car lamp adopts the method of bulb and lamp holder, although it can play the role of night illumination and prompting, but due to the simple process and frequent use, the overall service life of the car lamp is short. Therefore, people are pursuing a better way of connecting the lights. After long-term accumulation and exploration, the Hot Plate Machine Welding Car Lamp technology came into being, was applied to the automotive field, and achieved good results.


Hot Plate Welding Machine Description:

The plastic material is heated under high temperature conditions, the plastic molecules gradually reach the melting point and begin to melt. In a short time and under the pressure of the outside world, the two plastic parts begin to bond and are connected to each other by molecular motion to form an organic As a whole, cooling is carried out in a certain period of time, and the two plastic parts are completely bonded into one body, and meet the welding strength requirement to achieve the purpose of welding. This greatly fills the gaps in the Ultrasonic Welding Machine that are difficult to weld and special workpieces. Nowadays, in the field of automobile lamps, this method is generally adopted, and the bulb and the lamp holder are well welded together, which makes up for the shortcoming of the simple method in the traditional way and greatly improves the service life of the lamp.


Welding Characteristics of Plastic Hot Plate Welding Machine :

The plastic hot plate welding machine adopts PLC (programmable controller) control circuit, and the feeding, hot melting, curing time and automatic and manual functions can be set in the man-machine interface;

The upper and lower molds of the electric plastic parts hot plate machine are controlled by two temperature controllers. When welding, the temperature is set within the rated range according to actual needs;

CNC car interior parts hot plate welding machine uses 5.7inch two-color touch screen.

 The standard plastic hot plate welding machine adopts imported cylinders, sprayed chassis and hard chrome-plated countertops, and the equipment is more beautiful and more practical;

The mechanical design of the large-scale auto parts hot plate welding machine is exquisite, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and it is widely used as a special machine or a machine used with an automatic machine;

Medium-sized standard automotive interior parts hot plate welding machine function design, both use electronic buffer and electronic limit, high-power hot plate welding machine also has a special preheating and curing function, with hydraulic buffer device, especially suitable for screws Embedding and hot riveting.


Advantages of Hot Plate Machine Welding Lamps:

Replacing the traditional welding/bonding process, low cost, clean and non-polluting and will not damage the workpiece;

The welding process is stable, all welding parameters can be tracked and monitored by the software system, and it is easy to eliminate and maintain once the fault is found;

Fast welding speed, high welding strength and good sealing performance;

Good electrical conductivity after soldering, very low or nearly zero resistivity;

Short welding time, no need for any flux, gas, solder;

Welding without sparks, environmentally safe.

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