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Application status and prospect analysis of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

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Ultrasonic plastic welding machine, referred to as plastic welding machine, ultrasonic. As a high-tech machine for welding thermoplastic products, it has been applied to various fields, and has been loved and praised by users, and has a good reputation in the market.

When the ultrasonic plastic welding machine is working, the high-voltage high-frequency signal of 20KHZ or 15KHZ is generated by the generator, and then the high-voltage high-frequency signal is converted into high-frequency mechanical vibration energy through the transducer system, which can be applied to the plastic processing part. . Through the friction of the surface of the workpiece and the inner molecular member, the temperature at the interface of the workpiece is increased. As the temperature increases, the interface of the workpiece gradually melts, and the gap between the interfaces of the workpiece is filled with the melt. Then the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under the pressure of the outside, and the entire welding work is completed. No solvent, adhesive or other products are needed during the welding process, and the operation is convenient. Welding with an ultrasonic welding machine can improve production efficiency, control production costs, and at the same time ensure product quality and production standardization.

The transducer of the ultrasonic welding machine is purchased from abroad, the energy output is stable, and the welding is smooth during the operation; the bottom plate adopts an adjustable design structure, and the design broadens the use range of the welding machine, and the welding machine can be adjusted according to the demand. Adjustments are made to complete the scheduled welding work; all components are purchased from abroad, the performance is stable, and the quality of the welding machine is improved. This is only part of the performance characteristics of the welding machine.

Due to its stable performance, the welding machine is applied to all walks of life. The welding machine is brilliant in all fields and shows its power. After time and practice testing, the ultrasonic welding machine is indeed an excellent welding equipment, which is favored by users. It is believed that in the near future, the ultrasonic welding machine will enter all aspects of life and serve the public.

At present, in the field of welding applications, ultrasonic welding machines are taking the low-end market, and the market share outside the low-end market is small. In other words, outside the low-end market, welding machines have a broad space for development. With the development of production and economic progress, welding operations are required in more and more fields, and new requirements have been placed on the welding process.    

The existence of these objective factors is a promising development space for the development of ultrasonic welding machines. It is believed that in the near future, under the impetus of scientific and technological work, the development of ultrasonic welding machines will go up to the next level, and enter the people's field of vision with another attitude.

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