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Four welding codes used in ultrasonic welding machine

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The welding is done with a single electrode used by the automatic welding machine. The electrode used is nickel chrome wire with a diameter of 4mm, HK electrode coated with paint, HHAT5 electrode and electrode made of X8H9 steel wire and coated with carbonate fluorite paint containing 65% marble.Using the welding electrode on low carbon steel specimens, choosing electrode, calls for this kind of electrode surfacing welding seam, has obvious columnar structure, so that you can easily show the ultrasonic welding machine vibration effect of macroscopic and microscopic, at the same time, the chemical composition of electrode should be able to make the weld metal does not occur due to the formation of austenite under solid state organization and appear different crystal copper element transformation, with these of the surfacing electrode weld also measures thermal cracks have different bias.During welding, the weld arc pit is boot process on the end plate, time using screws with transducer fixed up, ultrasonic welding is a continuous, just after the end of welding and after a period of weld metal solidification to disconnect, amplitude measurement was conducted by optical method, the accuracy of 1 micron, ultrasonic welding machine vibration frequency in all experiment adopts 20 k hz.

Adopted during the experiments of four kinds of ultrasonic welding specification, 1 surfacing electrode, on the specimens of the amplitude is 4 and 6.5 microns, with two surfacing electrode is 6.5 and 9 micron, with electrode at 3 to 10 microns, making it can study the influence of the vibration standard of the same composition metal, comparing the same elastic vibration specification to the effects of different ingredients overlaying welding metal, and identify necessary to eliminate columnar structure in the stainless steel of the amplitude of ultrasonic vibration level.Adopt high amplitude is fed to study their susceptibility to hot crack forming smaller overlaying welding metal, the influence of system - transducer - specimens of coordination is due to the quality of the specimen is not changed, and the specimen was heated and cause in the process of welding, smooth, adjust the frequency of the generator current, can eliminate the mismatch, it kept the vibration of the established specifications.Longitudinal welding metal macro analysis show that on the nodes and the adjacent paragraphs, metal remains transgranular organization, as the specimen in the columnar structure amplitude of ultrasonic welding machine vibration amplitude level rise and shrinking, at this time for this kind of surfacing welding metal components, can eliminate columnar structure vibration amplitude in fact remains the same, and destroy the transgranular amplitude value for surfacing metal of different composition is not the same.For example, for electrode 1, equiaxial grains appear outside the surfacing zone, where the amplitude is more than 2.0mm.Electrode 2 is 1.5 microns, while electrode 3 is only 5 microns.

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