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Effect of elastic vibration of ultrasonic welding machine on crystallized metal and alloy

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Ultrasonic welding machine elastic vibration on the effects of crystallization of metals and alloys, especially for the casting material grain size effects, not only depends on the casting conditions, but also depends on the parameters in the process of the propagation of elastic vibration, because we know in our research data, liquid metal in the elastic vibration of power or intensity is an important processing parameters.Grain refinement degree increases with the increase of vibration intensity, and a certain power intensity value is small, which is necessary for the initial effect of grain refinement obtained.

Ultrasonic welding machine to determine the elastic vibration propagation in the liquid metal power or intensity, the size of the complicated, when in fact no matter in any case, it is not a sufficient method for determination of the objective, is also for this reason, the relative characteristics of liquid metal in the ultrasonic power input, namely electric power needed for the ultrasonic transducer.In order to measure the effect quantitatively, it is necessary to consider the amplitude of ultrasonic vibration in molten metal correctly, and point out its frequency and the area of the end face of the transmission rod. The test shows that the volume of metal with fine grain structure in the ingot is related to the amplitude.Such as ultrasonic welding machine vibration frequency for 20 k hz, the amplitude of 32 microns, the surface of the vibration rod diameter is 22 mm, will make the crystallization of 1 kg in thin-walled steel ingot crystallization refinement, when reduced to 17 microns amplitude, obviously the emergence of the ultrasonic welding machine vibration on ingot casting organization effect of the decrease of the volume of metal, because the elastic vibration to the deterioration of the conditions of the molten metal, and the amplitude is reduced, so the metal such as grain size will increase.

Ultrasonic welding machine of elastic wave propagation in the ingot casting liquid metal complex nature, will be brought to the analysis of the relationship between grain size and ultrasonic vibration is difficult, this relationship according to the in a thick specimen with ultrasonic propagation, to provide the experimental determination of the longitudinal arc surfacing, the study adopted the same cross section, length is equal to the ultrasonic wave length of the specimen.So when complete specimen of the longitudinal vibration welding, welding seam will be to zero by big change changes the effect of ultrasonic vibration amplitude, which can get a trial at a wide enough range, examine the effect of ultrasonic parameters on the metal crystallization properties, to the vibration amplitude value of the specimens, change can be counted on to supply transducer electrical parameters adjustment.

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