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15K4200W double head ultrasonic plastic welding machine

15K4200W double head ultrasonic plastic welding machine

Model: NK-S1542II

Ultrasonic frequency: 15KHz

Size: 1500×1000×1850MM

Voltage: 220V/380V-50/60Hz

Welding area: 300-320mm

Air pressure: 4-6KG/CM2

Power: 4200W

Weight: 180KG


1. This machine uses NTK transducer

2. Automatic frequency display during operation

3. Dial indicator scale display

4. Digital control with high precision

5. The base is horizontally adjusted, and the frame mode is convenient to adjust.


Job characteristics:

Fast----Adjustable from 0.01 to 9.99 seconds per welding time.

Quality----Watertight, airtight welding, no damage to plastic parts during welding.

Economy ---- no screws, glue. Reduce labor and save costs. No


The above parameters and configuration is for reference only, specific configuration by mutual agreement shall prevail