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Shade ultrasonic welding machine (non-standard custom)

Shade ultrasonic welding machine (non-standard custom)

Equipment Specifications:

1. Equipment size: 1650X800X1800mm

2. Equipment weight: about 700Kg

3. Power: 15KW

4. Power: AC380V

5. Gas source: 0.4~0.7MPa Main pipe diameter 10mm

6. Welding cycle: 8 seconds / piece


1. The equipment is a non-standard custom machine, which is welded with 6 sets of 15KHz and 2600W ultrasonic systems. Each set of ultrasonic welding unit can be adjusted separately, welding time, cooling and curing time, can be set in the man-machine interface, debugging is convenient and simple.

2. The device is started with two hands, grating protection and double protection. In an emergency, it can be covered

  The gear stops or the emergency stop is pressed and the device stops.

4. The product is butt welding of the upper and lower shells, the welding is firm, no glue is spilled, and the weld is even. It can be tested by watertight airtightness, falling, etc.


The above parameters and configuration is for reference only, specific configuration by mutual agreement shall prevail